It's like giving your spa system
a little extra TLC!

Did you also know that using AquaSure not only keeps your hot tub clean but also enhances the water’s natural qualities? With its blend of minerals, your water will feel softer and look crystal clear. Plus, the reduced need for chemicals makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. If you’ve been struggling with chemical sensitivities, why not give AquaSure a chance? Your skin will thank you!

Experience Unmatched Softness

  • Feel the pure, refreshing sensation of skin and water that’s incredibly soft and rejuvenating.
  • Treat yourself to a pampering spa experience without the hassle.
  • Indulge in the luxury of high-quality mineral salts that leave your skin feeling silky smooth and free from any odours.
  • The best part? You can skip the usual post-dip shower recommend when using other chemical water treatments.

Protect Your Skin and Spa

  • Say goodbye to the irritating effects of chemicals on eyes, ears, and skin.
  • Dive into cleaner, gentler waters with our spa care solution which cuts down on chlorine and bromine use by up to 80%!
  • AquaSure acts as a shield against harsh chemicals, safeguarding both your skin and the components of your spa from premature wear and tear.

Keep Your Spa Water Balanced

  • With AquaSure, maintaining the pH and alkalinity of your hot tub water is a breeze.
  • Simply set it up once and add AquaSure to eliminate the hassle of daily adjustments.
  • Once a week, simply add the 2 liquid compounds to your spa water using the measuring jug provided. The box will last up to 3 to 5 months.

Avoid Accumulation of Sediment

  • Keep your hot tub clean and free of organic debris to prevent the formation of biofilm.
  • Our product will also help remove sediment nutrients from the water, ensuring it stays clean and free from any internal contamination.
  • AquaSure helps maximize the effectiveness of your sanitizer, whether it’s chlorine or bromine, so you’ll use less chemical and ensure your hot tub remains safe and ready for relaxation.

Protects Your Hot Tub

  • Extend the life of your hot tub components by reducing wear and tear.
  • Reducing contamination and sediment is like giving your main components – pumps, heaters, ozonators, jets, and blowers – a little extra love. It helps them stay in tip-top shape for longer, so you can enjoy your spa worry-free!
  • That’s why many retailers provide extended warranty programmes when customers use AquaSure.

Organic & Environmentally Friendly

  • AquaSure is made from natural minerals, significantly reducing the need for harsh chemicals.
  • This not only extends the lifespan of your spa water but also reduces your environmental footprint and conserves water.
  • Perfect for kids and anyone who loves to spend time underwater, our product ensures a safer, more enjoyable spa experience.
  • And the best part? It’s all done in a way that’s kind to the environment!


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